10 Interesting Scarlett Johansson Facts, You Should Never Miss.

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1. Scarlett Johansson was born on November 22, 1984, in New York City.

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2. Johansson has a twin brother, Hunter.

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3. Johansson’s parents divorced when she was 13.

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4. Johansson attended the Professional Children’s School in Manhattan.

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5. Johansson made her film debut in the 1994 film North.

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6. Johansson’s breakout role came in the 1998 film The Horse Whisperer.

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7. Johansson has appeared in a number of films, including Lost in Translation, Match Point, The Prestige, and The Avengers.

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8. Johansson won a Tony Award for her performance in the 2010 Broadway play A View from the Bridge.

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9. Johansson has been nominated for two Academy Awards.

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