10 Interesting Rob Guinto Facts, You Should Never Miss.

1. Rob Guinto is a Canadian artist.

Img Source: youtube.com

2. He was born in Toronto, Ontario.

Img Source: arotimes.com

3. He specializes in painting and sculpture.

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4. His work has been exhibited in galleries across Canada.

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5. He has won numerous awards for his work.

Img Source: mydramalist.com

6. He has been a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts since 2001.

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7. He is represented by the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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8. He has taught at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

Img Source: moviefone.com

9. He currently lives and works in Toronto.

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10. His work is in the permanent collections of several museums.

Img Source: themoviedb.org

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