10 Interesting Liam Neeson Facts, You Should Never Miss.

1. Liam Neeson is an Irish actor.

Img Source: en.wikipedia.org

2. He was born on June 7, 1952 in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Img Source: rottentomatoes.com

3. He has starred in many films, including Schindler’s List, Taken, and The Dark Knight Rises.

Img Source: themoviedb.org

4. He is 6’4″ tall.

Img Source: parade.com

5. He has won multiple awards, including an Academy Award nomination.

Img Source: en.wikipedia.org

6. He was married to actress Natasha Richardson from 1994 until her death in 2009.

Img Source: m.imdb.com

7. They had two sons together.

Img Source: observer.com

8. He is a supporter of the Irish football team.

Img Source: the-sun.com

9. He is a fan of the television series Game of Thrones.

Img Source: digitalcollections.nypl.org

10. He is a recipient of the Order of the British Empire.

Img Source: eonline.com

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