How to Link PAN with Aadhar

PAN stands for Permanent Account Number. It is a very important document. The Government of India issues this document. Further, it is necessary to have this as identity proof. Nowadays, it is needful to link PAN with Aadhar. So, we are providing here the process for ‘How to Link PAN with Aadhar?’. On the other hand, you should be ready to use this information. Further, the government has done it compulsory. Linking these documents is highly needed. Thus, let’s get the information about ‘How to Link PAN with Aadhar?’.

How to Link PAN with Aadhar?

PAN is necessary for income tax purposes. It is mandatory to link PAN with Aadhar for many aspects. Thus, we are providing information here for the same. You people make your mind to grab this opportunity. This will definitely help you in the linking procedure. So, taking this point into account, we are delivering a tutorial ‘How to Link PAN with Aadhar?’. Let’s start this amazing journey.

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Different Methods Used For This Purpose

There are various methods available to link PAN with Aadhar. We are providing here some of them here.

Method – 1 ) Using Income Tax e-filing Website

This is a very important way for PAN linking. You should follow the steps below to perform the operation.

Step – 1 ) Visit Income Tax e-filing Website

First of all, you should visit the Income Tax e-filing Website. ( Further, you will see the window.

method 1 How to Link PAN with Aadhar step 1

Step – 2 ) Provide the Required Information

After that, provide the required information in the specified area. This is a very important step to proceed ahead.

information providing window

Step – 3 ) Click on the ‘Link Aadhar’ Option

In addition to the above step, now click on the ‘Link Aadhar’ Option. Thus your Aadhar & PAN gets linked.

Aadhar linking window

Step – 4 ) Display of Message

After completing the above steps, the message about completion will display. Thus, this process gets completed.

message display window
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So, you can go for this way.

Method – 2 ) Using Messaging Method

This is an alternative method for linking purposes. Users should use this as one of the ways. You should go through the steps to do so.

Step – 1 ) Typing the Message

The first thing you must do is type a message. You should type ‘UIDPAN<12-digit Aadhaar><10-digit PAN>’ in your message window.

Step – 2 ) Sending an SMS

Further, you should send this SMS on 567678 or 56161. This will complete your process.

Thus, you can go for this way also.

In this way, following the above-mentioned methods, you can complete the linking process. This information will definitely help you.

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