12 Interesting Chris Pratt Facts, You Should Never Miss.

1. Chris Pratt is an American actor.

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2. He was born on June 21, 1979, in Virginia, Minnesota.

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3. He is best known for his role as Andy Dwyer in the television series Parks and Recreation.

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4. He has also appeared in films such as Wanted, Moneyball, The Five-Year Engagement, Zero Dark Thirty, Her, and Delivery Man.

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5. He will soon be appearing in the upcoming film Jurassic World.

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6. He is married to actress Anna Faris.

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7. They have one son together, named Jack.

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8. He is a Christian.

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9. He is a supporter of the Democratic Party.

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10. He is a fan of the Seattle Seahawks.

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11. He is an avid hunter.

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12. He has a fear of birds.

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